Honda EU2200I Review

Honda EU2200I Review and [2021] Buyer’s Guide

The Honda EU2200i is a high-end generator. It is light, works well with an energy-efficient silent engine, and can even operate in parallel. If you are searching for a powerful generator in the 2000-watt range, which can be conveniently used, then Honda EU2002i is an excellent choice.

So without further ado, let’s look at what makes this generator a great choice, and we have also answered the most asked question about Honda EU2200I.

Technical specifications of the Honda EU2200i

Some of the critical specifications of Honda Eu2200I are:

  • The full model name is EU2200ITAG
  • The engine is Honda GXR120
  • It has a 121cc displacement
  • AC Output 120V 22002 max
  • The tank capacity is .95 gal
  • Its run-time per tank is 3.2 hours

How to break in the Honda EU2200i

When you break into the Honda EU2200I, there are some primary tips you should follow. Firstly remove the spark plug and drib some oil inside. After you put the oil, you should not directly start the engine as the oil still has some places to reach; you should wait before starting the engine.

Slowly pull the starter cord around 20 times to properly distribute the oil. After a few hours of running, change the oil, and remove any metal pieces produced during the break-in process. Preferably it should be under a light load; in some instances, a standard or heavy load can be used.

What can a Honda EU2200i Power

The Honda EU2200i has a maximum output of AC 120 V, and 2200 W. This is enough power-to-power many household items such as:

  • A fridge or freezer
  • Phone chargers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air conditioners
  • Electric stove or microwave
  • Fans and light
  • computer or printer
  • Phone system or computers

It has the capability to power many utilities and can be used pretty much anywhere in the house. It is very flexible in its ability to power appliances.

What can the Honda EU2200i run?

With the Honda EU2200i  parallel kit producing 4400 watts of power, it produces more than enough power to run your refrigerators overnight (up to 9+ hours on a full tank of fuel).

with a running watt of 2200,  the Honda EU2200i  is capable of running 500 – 600 watts refrigerators  or deep freezers, charge multiple mobile devices, blender, and much more


What can the Honda EU2200I generator power?

Here we list out appliances (individually) the 1Honda EU2200I generator can power at home, at work or while camping.

Application Appliance/ToolsRunning WattsStarting watts
Sump pump (1/2 hp)10502150
Furnace fan (1/2 hp)8752350
Refrigerator (energy star)1921192
Hair dryer18001900
Slow cooker270270
Radiant heater13001300
RV refrigerator180600
Hair dryer18001900
Electric grill16501650
Camping or RVRV AC (11,000 BTU)10101600
Set of 5 LED light bulbs5555


Honda EU2200i Propane Conversion Kit

Honda EU2200I propane conversion kit


Gasoline is not an extremely reliable fuel as compared to natural gas or propane. Natural gas is considered the most dependable fuel on the earth as it does not gum up or go stale like gasoline. Propane is just as reliable and can be stored for years.

It does not pollute the air either. With a Honda EU2200I generator propane conversion kit, you can easily swap from gasoline to either propane or natural gas.

You can use propane instead of gasoline for your Honda EU2200I. You will need one hole in the plastic case so that the propane gas can quickly connect. Inside the case, a hose connects the fitting to a flange that attaches between the air cleaner and carburettor throat.

If you decided to switch from propane to natural gas, all you have to do is take the hose off the flange and screw on the LP fitting. Vice versa, if you wish to change from natural gas to propane.


Honda EU2200i Parts Availability

If you plan on buying a Honda EU2200I, you should know where to purchase available parts. All available parts can be purchased on, and they can offer accessories such as parallel cables, covers, and transfer switches.

Where to get the parts from?

You can buy all the parts required to set up or repair your engine on the official Honda website. Filters, belts, and tools can all be purchased easily with just one click of a button.

How long will a Honda EU2200i Run?

The EU2200I is specifically designed for quick and easy starting. The automatic mechanical decompressor system reduces the amount of force required to start the engine, which improves lifetime. It is incredibly fuel-efficient, running up to 8.1 hours on less than a gallon of fuel.

Depending on the load, it can run 3.2-8.1 hours on a single tank, which makes it ideal for overnight power.

So how long will it run?

You can expect it to power you through the night on a full tank, rated for 8.1 hours, it’s durable and can run a very long time, some years for sure, but it is not guaranteed.

Small things often can cause wear and tear on your engine; how long an engine last is a true testament to its quality. The Honda EU2200I is exceptionally durable and contains many vital components that contribute to its quality. The stamped metal recoil rope reduces any potential damage to the body.

It has an increased ventilation area resulting in proper cooling. The improved rotor configuration uses only the best magnets available.

What Oil Does A Honda EU2200i Take?

Honda EU2200i oil compartment


The Honda EU2200I generator uses SAE 10W-30 oil. Changing the oil is extremely easy and can be done quickly. Oil changes should be done every six months or after 100 hours of use.

Changing Oil

To change the oil, you have to get access to the generator’s heart via the side panel. When you unscrew it, it can quickly be taken off. Unscrew the dipstick to check the oil or change it. Drain the oil into any container; the container should be able to hold at least 14 ounces. Just pour the new oil in, and voila, you’re done.

It also has an oil alert, which protects the generator by turning off the engine when low oil is present.

Honda EU2200i Wheel Kit

A wheel kit attaches wheels to your generator, which can be extremely helpful in the long run. It allows for easy transport and portability; sometimes, when you decide a generator may be excellent, you don’t bring it due to the difficulty in transporting it.

This is where a wheel kit comes into place, and it allows you to quickly and easily transport your generator. Honda EU2200I wheel kit can be easily bought at any major store, and installation is relatively easy.


The Honda EU2200I is a compelling, reliable, and durable engine. It can be used in virtually all circumstances and lasts incredibly long. With its 120V 2200W engine, it can power most appliances such as fridges, microwaves, garage door openers, and much more.

Changing its oil is extremely easy and only requires simple tools. It is lightweight and compact, and with the addition of a Honda EU2200I wheel kit, you can make it even more portable.

Compared to other engines, the Honda EU2200I is exceptionally fuel-efficient, running up to 8 hours on less than one gallon. Its advanced inverter technology produces power just as reliable as your outlets at home. It comes with a 3-year residential and commercial warranty as well.

This is a perfect engine for anyone interested and can be used almost anywhere.


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