Ultimate Wen 56380i inverter Generator

Wen 56380i Inverter Generator Review

Ultimate Wen 56380i inverter Generator Review

The Wen 56380i inverter Generator  is perfect If you’re after a fantastic generator that’s easily portable and you don’t want a fortune to get it? Then we found the right one for you. WEN 56380i is a 3800 inverter generator recently launched, designed primarily keeping travel enthusiast in mind.

After looking at the rise in its popularity, e knew that we have to test this. After countless hours of testing and experimenting, we are now ready to write the ultimate, all you need to know about the Wen 56380i generator review.

The generator has a very new and elegant style. It’s much smaller and less bulky than many other portable generators. In comparison, the spokes and a cozy candle make it easy to walk about. The WEN 56380i has 3800 starting watts and a rated power of 3400 watts.

With an AC 120V NEMA TT-30R RV outlet, it is a fully RV ready generator. For camper operators, this is fantastic news as it reduces the need to purchase any more adapters. Using an ordinary RV extension cable, you can almost attach this generator to your RV out of the box.

Wen 56380i inverter Generator

One of the quietest generators you can purchase today is the WEN 56380i Generator. It is almost silent, producing a minimal sound that is unnoticeable. On top of that, this is very eco-friendly, it produces no air pollution what so ever making it a perfect generator for RVs and camping. This generator lets you enjoy nature to its fullest, creating no disturbances at all.

The WEN 56380i is built to provide a clean output waveform; this generator limits full harmonious distortion to less than 0.3% without any load and less than 1.2% of full load, making it safe for smartphones, mobile phones, displays, tablets, and other sensitive devices to run.

The lightweight configuration with built-in wheels and folding handles makes it convenient to transport. At 50 percent load, the highly powerful 2.2-gallon tank provides 8.5 hours of run time. The WEN 56380i is a packed panel featuring two regular households 3-long 120V receptions, an AC 120V30A Nima TT-30R twist-lock reception, a 12V DC reception, and a 5V USB port and a display-equipped, easy-to-read digital fuel and load.

All of its features combined makes it a perfect generator for trips and hiking. It has all the features you can wish for and has its power all under control without any risk of burning your devices. It is secure and easy to operate.

This generator is gas-powered, making it more efficient than diesel or petrol-powered generators in the market. This is a beast of a generator that knocks all of its competitors out of the ring.

Main Wen 56380i inverter Generator Features

There are always some unique features that set generators apart from each other. Let us take a look at the main features of Wen 56380i to see how this generator sets itself apart.

Silent Generator:

This generator’s best selling point is the near silence it creates. The Hour 212cc, 4-stoke OHV engine operates at an extremely quiet 57 dBA at 22 feet from the generator when running a quarter load, a much smaller level than the average generator of this scale.

How loud is that? It’s about as noisy as a typical talk or a regular window air conditioner device; This ensures that it’s easy to ignore, help you have a chat or have a nice night in your RV with someone else.

This generator is so silent that it can be taken on hunting trips by individuals. It used to be that in your blind duck, you had to sit in the chill, but now you have a generator to power your heater without scaring your prey away. It’s also perfect for small music set-ups, as it won’t interfere with your music as you perform.

Energy Specifications:

Ultimately, in the end, what you are genuinely looking for in a generator is its energy output capacity. We have given a short overview of what this thing can do above, but let’s dig even deeper.

It carries 2.2 gallons for a unit of this size, a reasonable amount of room; this prevents you from going back and forth all the time to fill it up. On a half-load of electricity production, the 2.2 gallons will last you 8.5 hours. This means it will take 4.25 hours for a full-load to empty the tank.

As reported before, the unit puts out is 3800 surge watts, and 3400 rated watts. This is fantastic, either in an RV or not, for tailgating and going camping. As the company puts it, the engine is 212 CCs and an “air-cooled by 4-stroke air-cooled OHV”. This stops the engine from overheating and keeps it silent.

As we have already covered, it provides outlets for many items, but how safe is it for you to plug your phone into a generator that will pump out that amount of energy? This generator reduces overall harmonic distortion, which means delicate devices are protected. It makes only 0.3% at no load and 1.2% under a full load.

Fuel Shut Off Technology:

Some individuals have experienced what it is like when their generator runs out of power, but you won’t go through that again with the WEN 3800W Inverter Generator. When it knows it’s too short on gasoline, it has an automatic fuel to shut itself off.

When the engine abruptly shuts down, fuel will build up and form blockages within the carburetor. Within the carburetor, stagnant fuel can build up and clog the carburetor, triggering motor issues and inevitable failures; this needs pricey repairs to patch it, which not only means money, but if you have to take it to the store, it will take a while.

The fuel shut-off mechanism automatically cuts off the fuel supply, causing the generator to use the fuel that is already in the carburetor instead of allowing it to come in, which reduces the quantity of fuel left in the carburetor. The machine then shuts down instantly after the fuel has been cleared from the carburetor.

Much of this helps reduce the repairs you have to bring into the machine, saving you money and effort, either yours or the store’s labor, on parts and work. Working to make it transparent to avoid blockages will also prevent significant damage to the engine. You’re not going to have to waste about as much time working on this one as you might have done on others.

Are Wen 56380i generators any good?

Wen 56380i inverter Generator

The WEN 56380i may be one of the best inverter generators accessible for RV use, as countless reports have proved so far. Moreover, it also offers a more efficient 3000-watt inverter generator for a small fraction of the volume. This engine is the same as the EU3000is from Honda. This fact alone could easily make it a true champion. Read on to learn why we think this is better than its competitors:

Limited Maintenance

Fuel shutdown avoids and restricts repairs by using the remaining carburetor fuel before switching the generator off automatically. This means two things:

1.        Way fewer needs for maintenance

2.        It can give you an extra few hours before completely shutting down

These two factors real push it apart from its competitors.

Clean Power

Clean and stable power produces healthy electricity for smart electronics and appliances that offer less than 1.2% total harmonic distortion. Not only this protects your devices, but it gives you that mental surety that other generators with a similar technology fail to communicate.

Electric Start

You will turn on the WEN 3800 Watts Inverter Generator by pressing a button with the keyless electric start. Only turn the switch to the beginning location and press the orange ignition key to power your generator quickly. This seamless ignition provides you the sense of ease that you don’t need to push and push to start your generator.

Wen 56380i Generator Electric Start

Digital Meter

The WEN 56380i Digital Screen efficiently displays all the details you need; you can track the voltage, wattage, frequency, and fuel supply. It let you know of everything that you should be aware of, and if numbers don’t make sense, you can shut it down immediately.

Wen 56380i Generator control panel


RV Ready

Our TT-30R outlet provided our RV with a capacity of 28 amps, while the included spark arrestor is accessible in all national parks and forests. This makes it perfect for an RV, attach the generator, and you are good to go.

Portable Design

Portable Wen inverter Generator

The lightweight construction and the incorporated wheels and collapse handle make the WEN 56380i 3800 Watt Inverter Generator safer for storage and carriage. Its portable design really gives it an edge over its competitors. You can carry this with a breeze and can get immense power on the go

Manual Shut-Off Switch

It also provides an immediate shutdown manual shutdown switch. It can be used in the case of an emergency to be protected at all times. It has foundation nozzles and circuit breakers for other power requirements.

What WEN 56380i is Missing

We would conclude that this generator isn’t anything to hate. As it is cheaper than many others, the price to quality ratio cannot be matched. WEN 56380i, of course, is not a complete system with certain slight drawbacks, but just so you know, we are nitpicking here, and this should not be something that bothers a lot.

Lack of Remote Controls

One of the things it lacks is a remote control that allows remotely starting and controlling your generator. It is easy to get hooked on turning your generator on and off from the comfort of your bed. If your generator already has a remote control and your switching to Wen 56380i, it will bug you a little, but you will get used to it.

Cheap Build Quality (But not Bad)

The finishing materials used are also a little cheap, meaning that when this generator is exposed to worse weather conditions, you need to be a little more careful. This should not be something to be worried about as your generator mostly will stay in the RV and its cheap material makes it way lighter than other generators.

With the number of features it offers at such a low price, these missing factors should worry you or make you get another lower-powered generator only because it has remote controls.

It Has Everything to Offer

It has the latest 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine. Its Fuel shut-off technology maximizes the generator’s lifespan. It produces clean power to prevent damage to sensitive electronics. The system has a surge watts of 3800W and rated watts of 3400W. It provides clean power to prevent sensitive electronics from being harmed. It has an AC 120V NEMA TT-30R RV receptacle, one 12V DC receiving, a 5V USB port, a digital load, and a fuel monitor. Its high voltage outputs make it compatible with high demanding voltage devices as well.

The lightweight style makes it easier to store in small areas. The strong fuel motor can provide up to 8.5 hours of quality operation. It also offers Parallel connectivity to improve power and Eco mode to use gasoline effectively and lower oil loads. Simple to inspect the petrol, since it has an easy to read operational digital reader.

It has all the features you can possibly need from a generator, so what is there no to be loved about this super awesome inverter generator.

Pros & Cons

THE PROS of WEN 56380i
  • RV ready
  • High wattage range – Perfect for a travel enthusiast
  • Almost Noiseless
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Highly Portability
  • Very Durable and easy to operate
  • Digital Meter
  • Lightweight
THE CONS of WEN 56380i
  • No Remote Controls
  • Cheap Build Material

Should you get WEN 56380i?

If you’re looking for a decent 3800-watt inverter generator for your camping car to power almost anything – this WEN generator may be your perfect pick. It provides all the requisite resources for an RV owner, runs quietly, and receives positive customer reviews around the region. The WEN 56380i can be just what you are looking for if you don’t want to spend a fortune on an RV inverter generator



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